Absences (x)/tardies (t)/excused absence (ex): Lord Afterlife (t), Mena, Hannah (x), Carina (xxx, t), Lenore (ex), Rhonda (x, ex, ex, ex; tt), Maeve (xx), Jason (xx), Kyle (xxx, tt), Brian (xxxx, t), Chrissy (xxxx), Julissa (x), Joe.


First submission is due: Thurs. July 28 (grace period until Mon. Aug 1).  

Second submission is due: Weds. Aug 17 (in class, or in my mailbox by midnight). Final submission should be accompanied by three typed prompt responses (incl. Sun/Moon prompt) and a prefacing page illustrating the ways in which the fictional/non fictional readings, special guests, writing prompts, one-on-one conference, lecture/instruction, or peer evaluation assisted their work.

Submissions are to be a reasonably polished five page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1" margins) writing sample (that is, an excerpt from a short story, a novel, a work of creative nonfiction, or the appropriate number of poems; if screenplay/play, please submit in correct format).

PLAY (The Hit): Mon. Aug 8

Public Reading @ RU B&N, Thurs. Aug 11. Students are to read three, double-spaced pages of original work (roughly five minutes). If poetry, make sure it amounts to five minutes of work.


Likely guests:
Tues. Aug 9 Clay McLeod Chapman - screenwriting, playwriting, prose fiction (novel & short story) comic book
Mon. Aug 15 - Arlan Feiles -  poetry, song
Tues. Aug 16 John Hulme - prose fiction, screenwriting
Tues. Aug 16 Willa Carroll - poetry

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